The manufacture of a crane produces unavoidable CO2 emissions. These arise mainly during the production of steel and other components of the crane, but also through the required energy such as electricity, oil or natural gas, and of course through the required transports.

By refurbishing used cranes according to the highest XL-Kranlogistik quality standards, we can prevent or greatly reduce precisely these CO2 emissions. In this way we help to protect the environment. In our own refurbishment center, we revitalize each crane to the highest quality standards according to our 3-stage program.


In the highest refurbishment category, you get a completely refurbished crane from us, which is both visually as good as new, as well as completely revitalized from the technical side - and that with warranty!

The CO2 emissions saved as a result amount to up to 80% compared to a new crane. You too can decide in favor of a "green crane" and sustainably reduce your company's CO2 footprint!